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Deskew plugin causes errors in unrelated scripts

I'm running 64bit Ubuntu 11.04 and Gimp 2.6.8. I've tried compiling the Deskew plugin myself, which seemed to work fine as "make install" created the appropriate plugin in my /usr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins directory. The file is 61.6kb, which looks about right.

I also tried using the one huanix compiled and used successfully on 64bit Ubuntu. ( He used it with DivideScannedImages, which is what I also want to do.

However, even though it shows up in the Plug-Ins browser, it doesn't work, and is causing "batch command experienced an execution error" to show up even for seemingly unrelated plugin calls (like rotate). If I remove the Deskew plugin from the plugins directory then the error message disappears, and if I put it back then the message shows up again.

I'm so confused. Why would it cause errors if it isn't being called? And does anyone know how to get this plugin to work? It'd be really valuable for some work I'm trying to do.

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Have you solved this problem?

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