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Steganography tool to hide/retrieve text or an image in an image.
Once data is hidden in an image, one can't tell the morphed image from a bunch of others (even similar looking).

Open any image and run Filters>Steganography>Hide to specify an input text file or image[lossless]. This will hide the data within the opened image. You can then save the image as a png/bmp/lossless format.

To retrieve the hidden data, open the image within hidden data. run Filters>Steganography>Unhide and specify the directory to save the retrieved data[output.extension].

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steganography-ubuntu.zip13.05 KB
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Hi, very interesting plugin.

Though momentarily I dont feel any need to use such functionality. Yet I have few comments:

What about adding some crypting possibilities? It would work like special text field for key (string) and for unhiding you (or the other side) would add the same string to similar text field to get encrypted file. Without it you would get just garbage. Of course, the user can encrypt the file before and then hide it in the image....

Next idea - can you add some numbers on "capacity" ( maximum size that can be hidden) of an image depending on its size?

A problem: The output file is one byte shorter.

And one question - are the type of files limited only to txt and image, why not other types of files?


You can install it on any Linux distribution.

Unfortunately it does not install on Ubuntu 64-bit.

There is no Steganography menu in GIMP, and when I run the binary manually (from console) I get this:
./unhide: error while loading shared libraries: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64

As I understand, there could be done manual install with sudo gimptool-2.0 --install-admin unhide.c.

However, there is no gimptool-2.0 package for Unbuntu 12.04 64-bit...

Is there any other solution?

Found solution. On Ubuntu 64-bit there should be installed libgimp2.0-dev.

sudo apt-get install libgimp2.0-dev

and then sudo gimptool-2.0 --install-admin unhide.c, etc.

Can author please add this to the install instructions?

I compiled both for Windows 32 bit and tested on Gimp-2.6.11
More information here

So far i get just one warning that the /etc folder (for Linux system) isn't present.

If you want to write the c files to not state that ect/directory i can re-compile them again. :)

But the filter does hide text.I have not tried images yet.

I tested on Gimp-2.7.5 (Parhas portable version).It works without any errors. :)
Did you compile this for Gimp-2.7 ?

Thanks again,

If you want to use encryption, I highly recommend steghide.

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