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Golden spiral

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Creates a golden spiral path inside the selection bounds. Mostly useful as a poor man's Golden Spiral guide to crop pictures.


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You didn't have to sit through another boring presentation did you? :)

This is great! It's like having Spiro (Inkscape), in Gimp.

Suggestion - can you create a setting to make the spiral appear in the center?


The script is designed to be a guide for photography. It's not a universal spiral generator, it only generates the pattern photographers use. I was going to refer you to the shape-paths script for a spiral, but that's the one missing feature :) Pray the PowerPoint gods :)

I do however create digital art and well this script works for me.Just needs a bit more control over the curly part.
We do what we do with what we have or are given. :)

Here's to many more Power Point presentations. LOL

Thanks again Ofnuts. :)

If you haven't got it already my next script (path-mirror) will help producing these nice symmetrical paths as above.

I posted on Gimp Chat about it also. :)
Thanks again


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