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plug ins not working


I have been trying to tech this issue for a week now. I have the newest version of gimp running on windows 7, 32 bit. Environment with GS is set, and I am unable to a) open anything other than the standard GIMP file and b) I have no filters!

I've attached screen shots. I have been trying to find the correction for the problem to no avail. I have tried uninstalling, locating the .dll files and replacing with new ones, cleaning out the registry and reinstalling.

Any ideas anybody? I have a couple of projects I have to get done today - a logo for some letter head and some cover art for some books. :-/


screen shots.doc67 KB

For safety use only the stable version of Gimp v2.6.11. For experimental usage you can use v2.7.4/5.

Using plugins needs the right version of Python to be installed first before installing Gimp. Read for example carefully the installation notes here: (scroll down)

Installing scripts/plugins look here:

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