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Sprite Sheet Toolkit

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SpriteSheetToolkit.scm4.78 KB

When loading spritesheet, you can enter frame width for non-square tiles.

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An attempt to save spritesheet gives
Save Spritesheet Message

Error while executing save-sprite-sheet:

Error: eval: unbound variable: gimp-item-set-visible

The script would appear to be written specifically for GIMP version 2.8 -- the procedure 'gimp-item-set-visible' was called 'gimp-drawable-set-visible' in previous versions.

After replacing "gimp-item-set-visible" with "gimp-drawable-set-visible" and
"(gimp-image-insert-layer anImage layr 0 0 )" with "(gimp-image-add-layer anImage layr 0)" - both load and save work.

2.8 is "stable" on the site, but not in repositories yet.

Also, maybe it's a good idea to add some note that sprites are assumed to be square? After looking at what it does, this becomes kind of obvious, but still. Until there's a good way to init widgets, anyway. :]

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