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Black & White effect

I saw a picture on the web and I was curious how to do it. The effect is a nice high contrasted black and white photo with very defined edges. It seems also that in some areas of the photo (high contrast) there was a tone/color inversion. Can you tell me what kind of plugin or script that can do the same trick in GIMP ?

-------- a couple days later --------

Thanks to Tibor95, Lylejk and mahvin for your help. I was able to play around with some photos I have. Below is an example of my initial work. I still need to get some practice to fine tune it.

Mo running - low resolution.jpg470.14 KB

Try playing with Gradient mapping (under the color>map>gradient map drop menu). Choose Three Bars Sin gradient and I bet you will be happy. :)


Thank you for the tip. I am sorry to say that I was not able to try it. I was trying to use the "three Bars Sin" option from the "Gradient map" menu you suggest, but as soon as I select the "gradient map" I do not see any further option, and the picture turns into a simple B&W. I looked for this option through the plugin browser, but I did not find any. Then I try to see if there was one to download, but also have not found any source that will provide me this option. I even made a fresh install of GIMP on Windows side (I use ubuntu most often) and again I was not able to find the pluging the option you suggested.

It's the name of the gradient to use with Lyle's suggested Colors - Map - Gradient Map technique. The gradients are in alphabetical order in the dialog list. You'll find it as Three Bars Sin.

Got it, thanks. I will give a try...

Now I got a few options to work with... I uploaded to the original post the first result of a trial of above suggestions (a combination of pluggins). The example I got from the web has been removed I do not want to infringe copyrights anyway. I know it could be better, but original digital image was not so great . So i had to do a lot of preliminary fix prior to applying the pluggins. Overall I am very please with the effect (by the way, I am # 3219). Thank you all for your support.





well, If I can suggest my own plugin - "rainbow tonemap" :)

see some examples:

Just note, you have to change Tonemap Mode to "1 band- average" and play with "period lenght"


Looks like your tonemap results less harsh then Three Bar Sin gradient mapping would be. :)


Thank you for the tip. This is a great plugin you got there ! Nice job. I just got some scrambled spots that was easy to fix by blending different layers created with different period length. I also touched up by fine tuning the final art by bending a little bit the color curve here and there. I will eventually replace the picture I just made and then remove the original one I posted (since it is not mine).

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