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Ray Studio 0.2

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Current version: 0.2 (first release/Fixed 12.29.2011)

Status: developing

Ray Studio is a simple script for creating effect of light rays (or volume light). This script is a some kind of wrapper around standard radial blur filter in GIMP but it allowes to get result for several seconds instead of dozens of minutes. This script use only GIMP procedures and don't require any external scripts or plug-ins. Script doesn't has any license, so you may use it's code for any purpose.


  • Adjustable lightning edge.
  • Color toning for rays.
  • Qulity/speed control with resolution degradation;

Documentation available. Enjoy!

P.S. Script package contains two files. Save both of them to your script folder. Script running well on GIMP 2.6 and 2.7.

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This is an awesome script. It creates an amazing effect and saves alot of time in doing it.

I had to work with my input layer, bumping up the contrast and eliminate lighter areas I did not want to emanate light. Those simple adjustments to the input image made for some very realistic volumetric light.

Thanks, It is some kind of problem when default script settings didn't show results which were expected by user. May be it will be changed in future.

But for now I publish recommended settings:
'Lightning Edge' value = >70 (input image contrast).
'Blur Size' value = >100 (ray length).
'Resolution degradation' value = 1/4 or 1/2.

Bug in gel.scm (corrupted function call) was fixed.

Great script, but I had an error the first time I ran the English version. After poking around a bit, I found that there's a slight error in the gel.scm script. In function #39, the last line is currently

(gimp-layer-scale-full input_image input_i input_imh input_origin input_mode)mw

Instead, it should read

(gimp-layer-scale-full input_image input_imw input_imh input_origin input_mode)

the mw should be after the "image_i" inside the function call, rather than outside the closing parenthesis. With that fix, it works just fine.

Thanks for bug report. I'll fix it right now.

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