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WebP Import / Export

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This plugin makes it possible to load and save files using the new WebP image format. (

When saving images in this format, you will be able to specify a quality factor that can range from 0 to 100. The higher the number, the larger the file produced and the better the quality of the image.

Since at the time of writing there were no provisions for alpha channels in WebP images, all images loaded with this plugin will not have an alpha channel. As well, when saving images, you will be prompted to flatten the image if it contains an alpha channel.

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Sorry for forgetting to include the sources. There were recently some issues with the listing for this plugin and I forgot to add the source code archive.

You can find the source code here ( until I get a chance to re-upload the archive (never mind, I added it).

It sounds good.
BTW after checking at the google code, they are saying that it(webp) now supports alpha channel...just to let you know.

Yes, I noticed that and this plugin will be updated accordingly when I get a chance. I also need to update the source anyway due to some changes that Gimp 2.7 is introducing.

If you wouldn't find it too onerous, a tutorial on how you went about writing this plug-in/extension would be much appreciated. There is not a lot of documentation (or at least I haven't found it) on doing adding support for additional file formats and it might be useful.

That's a great idea. I will post a reply here when such an article is complete.


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