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Fit all layers to image size

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v--AllLayersFitToImageSize.scm2.58 KB

Not sure if a script like this exists.
It may be useful in some cases.

Fits all layers (or 'only visible' layers) to image size.

Install script in your scripts directory
(you can see the scripts directory by going to
Edit -> Preferences
and then once the preferences windows opens,
go to Folders -> Scripts)

How to test:
* Create a new image (say: 800x600px)
* Create another, but smaller image (say 100x100px)
* Copy the small image (Ctrl+C)
* Paste in the bigger image (and create a new layer)
* Duplicate this new layer a couple of times
* Go to Filters -> Vanca -> AllLayersFitToImageSize
* If you want to apply the script only to visible layers, check the checkbox (by default it is unchecked)

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Scripting Engine: 


You can find it here.I do not believe he officially released it here though.

I use it all the time. :)

Nice to be able to compare though.You do have one extra option i believe and that is to select only visible.
I downloaded yours also and will try it out.

Thanks again,

Just what I needed to convert 100 text layers into image layers but retain the correct positions.

Thank you very much

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