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Some scripts fixed for 2.7 and 2.8

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Here are some scripts from my scripts directory, which happened to be fixed for 2.8, either because I needed them or out of curiosity. They may be backward incompatible with 2.6. If I did the work before the authors, they can receive their good back here. I updated this package on 2012/09/09, adding some other great scripts I use daily.
The Orton Effect is a combination of Orton Effect by Julia Jomantaite and other Orton effect scripts - with changes of my own. JP-Borders was written by J-P Sutto and me. Tuxcomputers split-tone with edge detection can do a classical split tone easily configurable or, if "Edge Detection" is checked, a different but very interesting effect.

I did not modify "my" version of Serge Mankovski's B/W Film Simulation, with a new option, "Add grain", which calls "my" version of Elsamuko grain (I hope you'll forgive me, Elsamuko, for having snooped your code and added some options I needed), and will not work with the original script except if you modify 19 lines :(( But maybe the grain is too big for some "simulations" of high speed films.


Some of them previously modified by me, or completely altered.


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Gimp-2.8 Scripts (SCM) not all are tested

I just wanted to update this with some information-

I saw the gimp 2.7.4 release notes and they state:


- Lots and lots of undeprecations"*

...which is why i don;t like releasing scripts for unstable versions.... they can be a real pain to maintain.

*I haven't looked at the specific details yet, so am not sure what was un-depreciated....

-Rob A>

Thanks Francois; just tested Cartoonize in 2.7 64 bit. No drop down menu to choose GREYC, Guessean, or G'MIC (just defaulted to use G'MIC) but I only use G'MIC anyway, so didn't care. Haven't evaluated the other scripts yet (way too early in the morning to do so; just woke up and about to hit the sack for another hour; lol) but wanted to tell you again, thanks a heap. :)

Please be aware that the warnings generated by these scripts only appear for GIMP version 2.7 -- the development version of GIMP. When GIMP 2.8 is released, it will not generate these warnings.

If you are running the development version of GIMP and wish to avoid these warnings, invoke GIMP with the following command line:

gimp-2.7 --pdb-compat-mode on

(GIMP dev versions are compiled with a PDB compatibility mode of "warn" so that developers can determine which stock plug-ins will require updating. The warnings are not particularly indicative of problems with GIMP, nor are they intended for regular users.)

I question how advisable it is to release versions of scripts that target the GIMP development release, breaking compatibility with previous releases while offering no gain once the next stable release arrives.

Updating the functions that cause warnings was not a very difficult task, and it was sometimes a good pretext for modifying scripts as I did with the combination of B/W Film Simulation and Elsamuko grain. I also added unreleased ones, like JP-borders, that I have been using for two years but I did not think worthy of a separate publication.

I'm a retired old teacher, Saul, and I have time to do this sort of things. You are a wise and serious and important man in the Open Source establishment, and I'm just a foolish one, who does inadvisable things that "break compatibility" and "offer no gain". Maybe the functions that cause warnings will be back in the next stable release;)

Let us wait and see.

I'm a retired old teacher, Saul, and I have time to do this sort of things.

I am not questioning your motivation, your generosity, or your skill; only the efficacy of publishing development-specific versions of scripts. You are certainly permitted, from a legal standpoint, to do what you're doing; however, consider things from the viewpoint of the original authors of the scripts.

For example, you've now published your own version of Rob Antonishen's 'histogram-match' script which will not work with GIMP 2.6. When GIMP users complain about this, do you not think it mayn't be a tad bit confusing to Mr Antonishen that a script he has thoroughly tested is no longer working? Do you not see this as potentially causing confusion and grief?

Similarly for Elsamuko, Barak, and the others. I am sure they do not mind that you modify their scripts, building upon what they've shared; however, distributing "broken" versions of their scripts -- and the ensuing complaints that such breakage is sure to illicit -- is in my opinion hardly worth the temporary convenience of not having warning messages appear for those few who have chosen to use a development version without any understanding of what that entails.

I do not wish to speak for RobA, elsamuko, Mr Gabor, or the other .script authors; but I have not noticed any particular negligence on any of their parts in maintaining their scripts and I think you should reconsider whether what you are doing is conducive to their efforts of maintaining their scripts.

As the author of one of these scripts (Histogram Match) I'll give my perspective.

Personally, I will NOT make publicly available a version of any of my scripts to work with a development version of Gimp. (I do have such a version of most of the scripts I have written, however) Once 2.8 is issued, I will release an updated version of the script, either specifically for 2.8, or more generally that will have reverse compatibility along with version checks (it depends on the complexity of the script).

If someone wants to make a modified version of the script available that works with a development version of Gimp, that is their prerogative (I did make the script GPL). I may borrow some of that code, even!. It is still my intent to release a new version for the next stable release of Gimp(assuming I am still around and still developing scripts).

I'd appreciate, though, if the script name is changed and appropriate "support" contact information is provided on any script issued based on one of mine.

-Rob A>

Soon or later the warning will become errors , it would had make no sense change gimp Api if the changes are not to be applied counting to a compatibility layer still to come

so i found the update quite useful and i like the new scripts

I know how disable or redirect error messages so they do not pop out pretending to be clicked out
But i don't like disable warning some may be useful, updated filters as this filter out the not useful warnings and so allow to see the others (if not they will be buried)

Soon or later the warning will become errors ,

Yes, in about two or three years (maybe more). By that time hopefully the number of people using GIMP 2.6 will be negligible -- and it won't be that egregious to suggest that they upgrade to a more recent version.

Thank Francois
I am slowly doing the something similar with the script i have installed(using Notepad++ search and replace feature ) but i did miss some of the script you got

(I didn't upload mine because i have no tested all yet,i used Notepad++ search and replace feature to replace in batch the deprecated commands , i see that now that the filters give much less warning )


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