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Toy 1.0.4

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This plug-in creates a toy effect or tilt-shift miniature faking on a selected layer

Demo picture: "Marina Duisburg am Innenhafen" - G. Sawatzky -



It would be nice if somebody can compile a Windows binary and send it to me. Also needed are translations for the few strings in the plugin (see po subfolder) and for the HTML page of the help system

MEWS 1.0.1:
This Bugfix Release checks for GIMP 2.7, so no changes for GIMP 2.7 are necessary anymore.

MEWS 1.0.2:
This release should work on GIMP 2.6 AND GIMP 2.7, so it's much easier to maintain the Windows binaries. There's also a new "horizon view" in the preview. Please see the file ChangeLog for more details.

MEWS 1.0.3:
This bugfix release should correct the Cancel button crash. Please see the file ChangeLog for more details.

MEWS 1.0.4:
This bugfix release fixes the Cancel button crash on Windows. Please see the file ChangeLog for more details.

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@ lylejk
Unfortunately, this plugin gives errors in Gimp 32-bit and Gimp 64-bit Windows. For now I have not much time to analyze it ... but I will look this weekend.

and tried to compile the plugin, but it requires GTK 2.24.3 the latest i can find for windows is 2.24.0
Anyone know where i can get GTK 2.24.3?

Found it ... never mind. :)


The configure script checks for GTK >= 2.7, try autoconf to regenerate the configure script.

Greetings Ruediger


After a short analysis, it seems that the compilation problems come from Cairo (problems change with the DLL versions of Cairo).

It would be better if you take some sources from Focus Blur plug-in. It's effect much more realistic than here.

... but I've got not the time to do anything with the first version. More blur methods are prepared in the source code

greetings Ruediger

Seconded :)

Mmmh... Is there any particular reason you named the plug-in the way it's not googlable for what it actually does? :)

you can change it, if you don't like it (And in germany it's called Toy effect also).

greetings Ruediger

Ah, that explains it :)

I had to modify the code to adapt it to 2.7, but that's OK.


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