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Toy 1.0.4

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This plug-in creates a toy effect or tilt-shift miniature faking on a selected layer

Demo picture: "Marina Duisburg am Innenhafen" - G. Sawatzky -



It would be nice if somebody can compile a Windows binary and send it to me. Also needed are translations for the few strings in the plugin (see po subfolder) and for the HTML page of the help system

MEWS 1.0.1:
This Bugfix Release checks for GIMP 2.7, so no changes for GIMP 2.7 are necessary anymore.

MEWS 1.0.2:
This release should work on GIMP 2.6 AND GIMP 2.7, so it's much easier to maintain the Windows binaries. There's also a new "horizon view" in the preview. Please see the file ChangeLog for more details.

MEWS 1.0.3:
This bugfix release should correct the Cancel button crash. Please see the file ChangeLog for more details.

MEWS 1.0.4:
This bugfix release fixes the Cancel button crash on Windows. Please see the file ChangeLog for more details.

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.. for the work. The 1.0.2 will work on 2.6 and 2.7, so it's much easier to maintain only one version. I'm adding the newly compiled version on this page if you agree.

I tested it in Gimp-2.7.4 only
Let me know if it works in Gimp-2.6.11

Go here to get it

If you install Gimp-2.7.4 place the plugin in the user/.gimp-2.7/plug-ins folder.
If you use portable place it in the YourDirectory/Gimp-2.7.4\.gimp-2.7\plug-ins folder



The plugin works well with version 2.7.3 of Gimp Sourceforge. It does not work on Gimp 2.6.11 (build environment too new).

Thank you for this good work.

Coming from you that is a very high compliment. :)
This is my first compile, and i am very happy that it worked out ok.


But you get much better results with focus depth manually.

here is a tutorial on my site:

-Rob A>

Definitely a cool way to create a depth map RobA. :)

... but the 1.0.1 is not the end of history.

Thanks for the nice tutorial Rüdiger

the invisible horizon line is now less invisible in the 1.0.2 version.

the invisible horizon line will be less invisible in the near future ;-)



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