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Map Projection

Ok, the situation goes like this: I have a 800x800 map image created with Render Map. What I would like to do is distort the whole image so it fits a robinson projection map (, Winkel Tripel or similar. Essentially what I'm looking for is away of curving the corners of a square, or turn a square/rectangle into a circle/oval. Is anyone aware of a script/plugin that would be suitable for what I am attempting? I'm using GIMP 2.4. Thanks.


Mathmap may do quite advanced kind of mapping a script to convert a rectangle in oval (more exactly in ellipsoid) is not bundled in the actual release but available from my resources gallery here it works with any recent version of mathmap (from 1.2.1) About mathmap hopefully is listed here if not try to google..or even better search in the Google Group called "mathmap" for most recent new
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