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Problem with Stroke Path


I began, briefly, with 2.6.10 but had an issue so I uninstalled and reinstalled only to find that I now had 2.6.11. I noticed some differences right away. However, the differences aren't an issue as I am a new user and just learning anyway.

The reason I am here is because I cannot seem to apply different Patterns when using the Stroke Path.

I preset the Pattern I want to use before making an image with the Path tool. Once my image is made I click the Stroke Path from the Toolbox Dialog. I click Pattern and then click Stroke.

However, every single time the Pattern comes out as the Pine wood. I cannot utilize any of the other patterns.

Also, I recall my first install having something called Script - fu or Scriptfu which is no longer viewable or available on the 2.6.11 version.

Could anyone please help me with these matters? I would greatly appreciate your time and efforts. I have tried to Google the answers I need to no avail.

Well, off to watch my lessons on Layers now : ) Very Exciting stuff!

Thanks in advance! ps. I use Windows 7 on a Dell laptop ; )


Right click the Path in the Path dialog box, and select stroke path, then choose pattern, and select a pattern to stroke, before pressing the stroke button.

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