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I dont know if anyone can help me or even if this is allowed ? I am trying to build my own website to personalise greetings cards and to do this i need a photo editor (I think) and want to know if gimp can be used to do this if it can or not can anyone advise me the best way to do this ? thanks


1)Are you asking whether or not gimp can take input from a website and auto personalize, then no. Or at least never that I have heard.

2)Are you going to be taking the data from the website and making it yourself then yes GIMP can be used like that.

If you really want to do something like option 2 either buy Microsoft Publisher or find an alternative to Publisher. Their systems are better built for Cards and sorts. Really to answer your question I need more info.

Thanks for your way i can explain what i am looking for is... i am looking for a program or application that is used by the better known online sites Moonpig...Funky Pigeon... Clinton Cards etc
The card desigins i have done were all done on Corel Draw 8 and converted to jepg...what i am looking to do I have actually done on gimp on my desk top, so i know it can do what im after but i dont have any idea if the actual gimp app can be loaded on to my website which i am building useing
Hope this gives you enough information to Help me ...either way thanks for your help so far?

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