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I cannot find my dockable dialog?

When ever I open up gimp 2.6 it says, "You can place dockable dialogs here." I am like wtf? I wanna draw, and I can't use the strength or color variation without it. :L Its the bottom half of the dockable I am missing. I have tried Ctrl+I but that didn't work. It just added a new layer!

In the picture I used MS paint.


In the GIMP menus = Windows/Dockable Dialogs

looking for tool options dialog.
Like Mahvin said Windows > Dockable Dialogs > tool options. (top entry)
Now you can either dock it or leave it separate.
If you leave it open the dialog will open with Gimp on next program launch.

Go to edit > preferences > Window management
Be sure the save window positions on exit box is ticked.

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