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Seamless texture maker

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tileable-by-RPG.scm3.4 KB

Useful plugin for texture artists. In two clicks you can create seamless texture from image.

- automatically blending edges to remove "seam" effect
- split image into 4 layers - convenient for further editing
- overlapping if you want to postprocess image manually
- automatically make square texture (optional) - if you want to make power-of-two texture for game
- no repeating pattern effect

Of course, sometimes you need to use stamp tool or eraser tool to make texture looks better. But it is super-easy due to autosplitted layers.

I recommend to use high pass filter and sharpen before this filter because these filters make seams!



Fully automatic texture (0 minutes)

High pass -> this plugin -> clone tool (5 minutes)

High pass -> Sharpen -> this plugin -> clone tool / eraser tool -> color correction (10 minutes)

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