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Startrails V2.0

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StartrailsV2.scm9.44 KB

This script calculates frames to create startrail videos.
***Update V2***
see below

Startrails Video Gimp script

Load a star shot sequence into Gimp and run the script (The Script can be found under: Filters-Generic-Startrails). It will calculate the frames by merging the single images using „lighten only“. Frame one will be a merge of the first two star shots, Frame two of the first three star shots and so on.
A layer mask can be used to ignore the landscape. It has to be on top of the layer stack.
There is also an option to reverse the order of the layer stack, if the top layer is the last shot of the sequence instead of the first. This option will call the script „script-fu-reverse-layers“.

An example video can be found here

***Update V2***
Now with options for customized fadings.
Traillength: Amount of single images that are merged at the same time.
Fade percentage: Adjusts the amount of the traillenght which is fading out.
Start opacity: Adjusts the opacity of the first outfading star.

Startrails Video Gimp script V2
An example video showing the new features can be found here

This is the first script I wrote. Please report me all bugs/errors you find.

To export the layers to single images I recommend the script Export Layers by spb

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Thanks for making this script. It is just what I searched for plus so many useful additional features to play with. The results look really nice.
I just need a faster computer for it :P

Yes it's quite slow if you use the full resolution images. I recommand resizing it to HD size before using the script if you don't need the higher resolution.

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