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Exporting a multi-layered image to PSD

Hey everyone!

I'm working on a multy-layered project for a friend who uses photoshop, so I must send him a PSD file. I use the developement GIMP 2.7.3, which requires to "export" the file for a different ending than XCF, rather than just "save as".
Anyways, the problem is that the new PSD file doesn't have all the layers my original file has - each layer-group was flattened to a single layer, and only the visible layers survived the process. Needless to say the project doesn't worth much without the complete layers structure, visible and invisible, in their correct layer groups.

If anyone encountered this problem or has a clue about how to deal with this situation, I'd appreciate your comments.
Thanks :)


to be Photo Shop so the layer groups are totally different.
For instance anything you save as a layer group is going to be seen in Photo Shop as a single layer.
Gimp is good at editing PSD files to a certain extent.
Gimp can not handle layer styles.
You are much better off creating the groups as a same type of layer name "text-layers-group-1" for instance.
Then name all the layers in that group the same "text-layers-group-2" and so on.Save it as a PSD.

Then open the saved PSD in Photo Shop and place those layers in individual groups that way.

Your best bet is to create everything in Gimp, and have your friend use Gimp to edit them also.
That way you have a consistent XCF workplace file flow for your project.

I figured gimp could do it, since it opens photoshop multi-layer-groups images perfectly well, so it seemed compatible in that sense. Guess it isn't...
Pity. Thanks anyway.

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