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What can make the plug-in "print layers":

Print all the layer at one time.
Print all layer in PDF format.
Use "print layer" to easily create PDF files with GIMP.

With this script is easy to create PDF file with GIMP.
Install and set as the default printer PDFCreator to save all layers on a single or multiple PDF file.


Author web site:

Code License: 
GIMP Version: 
Scripting Engine: 


On the tutorial and author websites listed above it states the following:
-------- instruction error begins --------
"Introduction to the print layers script

The Python plugin Print all layers individually.
To use run it from menu Image/Python-Fu/ATG/Print layers."
-------- instruction error ends --------

As of Gimp v2.6 the Python-Fu console is located by selecting the menu bar item "Filters", a drop-down menu opens and the "Python-Fu" console is located at the bottom of this drop-down menu. Once you click on the Python-Fu console, any attempt at entering the terms ATG or "Print layers" will result in the following error messages respectively:
-------- 1st terms error message --------
>>> ATG
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 1, in
NameError: name 'ATG' is not defined
------ 1st term error message end ------

-------- 2nd terms error message --------
>>> Print layers
File "", line 1
Print layers
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
------ 2nd term error message end ------

These error messages happen because the Python console is expecting python code. So the instructions given on this page are at best misleading or blatantly incorrect. If you are the author can you please correct this problem?

Does any one have any idea how to get this script (or any other script like it that will create a PDF from multiple layers inside gimp) to work? Non of the other PDF export scripts on the gimps plug-in registry seem to work either.

the script works and is your "correction" to be incorrect:
the script IS in Image/Python-Fu/ATG/Print layers." and you have not to open the python console to use it

if is not there maybe is not correctly installed python script are considered plugin and so go in a plugin folder and in linux you should give them the permission to run

hi - just to report script does appear to work (using GIMP v2.8) and, thanks for your efforts.

I have located the python script in folder named .../Contents/Resources/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/

the Python-Fu/ATG/print layers drop down menu appears on the top menu bar and I can see it runs when clicked.

just one question - where is the created multi-layer pdf file stored?

cheers Ian

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