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Instagram - 'Brannan' Effect

Does anyone know how to create an effect similar to the 'Brannan' effect that is on Instagram? I really like what it does to photos and I would love to be able to do it in Gimp. I am fairly new to photo editing so I do not know how to accomplish this. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Try adding just two layers at 100% opacity:
One filled with (HTML notation) color 301f46 in screen mode (top) and the other (center) filled with fcf7c8 in multiply mode.The original on the bottom.


Thank you for the tip! I will definitely have a go at doing that.

I opened the Brannan filter that was created as a PS action script and wrote out the steps for GIMP and then ran the same process only to discover that no two pictures turn out the same. Much like using color curves, each picture requires a different set of actions to compensate for different stages of light or dark or varying color depths.

The PS action scripts can be found here (if someone is interested in converting them to script-fu):

The same steps for GIMP are on the complicated side:

1. Open image and duplicate
2. Desaturate duplicate, set layer opacity to 37, mode to overlay
3. Select background layer, run Hue-Saturation: H=0, S= -30, L=0
4. Merge layers

5. Run Levels:  Value= Input: 0/1.00/255
                                   Output: 9/255
                        Red= Input: 0/1.00/228
                                 Output: 23/255
                        Green= Input: 0/1.00/255
                                    Output: 3/255
                        Blue= Input: 0/1.00/239
                                  Output: 12/255

6. Brightness & Contrast: -10 Brightness/ +5 Contrast
7. Add a new layer
8. Fill new layer with #FFF8F2 and set mode to Multiply
9. Change to bottom layer

10. Run Levels again:  Value= Input: 9/.91/255
                                   Output: 7/255
                        Red= Input: 0/1.00/255
                                 Output: 9/255
                        Green= Input: 0/1.00/224
                                    Output: 3/255
                        Blue= Input: 0/.94/255
                                  Output: 18/255

11. Brightness & Contrast: -4 Brightness/ -1 Contrast
12. Run Brightness & Contrast again: 0 Brightness/ +14 Contrast (I used -14 in this case)
13. Merge layers.

Try using Photoshop Actions, it's really easy:

This Photoshop Action does the following Instagram filters: Brannan, Earlybird, Inkwell, Lomo-fi, Lord Kelvin, Nashville, Sutro, Walden, & X Pro II

Instagram Photoshop Actions


By the way, if you've never used Photoshop Actions, check out this guide: How to Use Photoshop Actions
Cheers and happy Photoshopping!

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