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GAP Append Frames

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This program allows you to append frames to another set of frames. It does this by renaming files "up" so their numbers are listed ahead of the first set of frames. What makes this different from "Renumber frames" is the ability to change the text before the frame numbers.

This isn't technically a plugin, but I feel it should be.


Let's say you have MyMovie_000001.xcf through MyMovie_000500.xcf that you need to append to an identical set of files.

Move the executable into the directory where you want to append *from*.

Run the executable, and enter "MyMovie_" in the top and second box.

Enter .xcf in the third box.

Enter 500 in the fourth box.

Enter 500 again in the fifth box.

Enter six in the sixth box. (Note: This one might be a bit confusing. If your files were named MyMovie_001.xcf, you'd enter "3". If they were MyMovie_000000001.xcf, you'd use "9". This can only go up to nine.)

Then click the "Go" button. When the button reads "Go (Finished!)", the frames should be renamed.

Close the program and copy the new files to the folder containing the frames you want to append to. No further steps should be required, any GAP plugin and script should automatically detect the frames.

Extra notes:

Just to be clear, you do /not/ copy this executable to your Gimp installation folder. Just run it in the directory where you want to append from and follow the directions above.

This program only renames files "up". It only appends, not pre-pends. In the future I might update it so it can do that, but I only wrote this program because I needed it, and I don't currently need to add frames before an animation. I just figured I'd post it somewhere in case other people were looking for something similar.
I guess if you wanted to pre-pends things you could just copy stuff backwards, but that might take a few trips if your animation's split into more than one "batch".

This program doesn't fully support Unicode. You can type Unicode into it, but it probably won't even look for the correct files when you click Go.

You don't need to run this program twice in order to process more than one batch. If you need to append multiple sets of frames, you can just type new values in once it's done processing the current set of frames.

This file is compressed with UPX. It was six megabytes before compression and I didn't want to put that kind of strain on Gimp's website if this got popular.

This programs uses WxWidgets (Sorry, GTK+ won't compile on any of my systems) and was compiled with MinGW. I have no idea which license to use.

This is my first program to be put up in front of the public like this. Expect bugs, test it on some not-so-important animation first, and don't expect it to be magical.


For some odd reason, the program only appends frames starting from the first frame (EG, it'll work if the first frame is MyMovie_01.xcf, but not if it's MyMovie_02.xcf or anything higher.).

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