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Sierpinski Fractal Shapes

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JMS-Sierpinski_carpet.scm2.66 KB
JMS-Sierpinski_triangle.scm5.58 KB
Carpet.gif23.08 KB
Triangle.gif23.97 KB

These two scripts make Sierpinksi fractals. One does a triangle, and one does a carpet. The attached pictures show what happens when the scripts are run with the default values. You can change the sizes and colors, as wel as making the "holes" in each of the shape transparent.

These two scripts are both found in the Filters -> SambrookJM -> Sierpinksi. No, they're not overly useful scripts, but someone out there may find a use for them.


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The result looks very nice, I like it. Also, the triangle version has a seal of approval by 4chan, because it can triforce. :-p

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