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Rainbow tonemapping

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This plugin creates fancy/colorfull/surrealistic images from photos.

Visit for a bit more theory and examples

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for your feedback, I was not sure if plugin like this can be interesting for more people

creation of dimensional/topographical maps.Check this out.
From this

To this - rainbow tone mapping, desaturate and bump mapped. :)

Thank the effect really look interesting.
And thank to Sylvie to provide so quickly the Win binary

Thanks Sylvie; look forward to trying it out. :)

Love this plug-in, great job. Thank you for sharing it. :)

Using this type of plug-ins (creative in the settings) makes the most joy - you can have the pleasure of experimentation and fun!
Many thanks!

For the moment I don't understand how use the start'n'end colors. It's like a layer with layer mod, for me.
But the Period lenght is cool.
And you have Color>Map>AlienWarp, he has a similar effect, and with TSV. Maybe more simple for make a psychedelic trick.
And you can put a +/- for the preview, because is always close up, and see all, it's better.

Hi blopimop
Indeed there is similarity between this two pluging,
There is relation between RED/GREEN/BLUE FREQUENCY and my period lenght. First I have the same value applied to all RGB channels, in alienwarp you can have own value for each channel.
But mainly, the relation is:

period length = 255/ frequency

however I apply gamma to values so this makes a bit of difference

As for phaseshift, I was considering such feature but decided not to implement it (though I can in future).

But the main difference is my start/end colors. Im not sure from where AlienWarp takes its colors, but in this plugin, if you define two colors and pick 1D algorithm, you the resulting colors will be within range of start/end color. Perhaps example will explain it better:
Let us say we have startcolor 100/100/100 and endcolor 100/150/200, so new colors will be like:
In fact, new color is always weighted average of start/end colors.

It is different with 3D algorithm, but here also, final color (per channel) is always within range between start and end color.

Overall I do admit that plugins are similar, but I was not aware of alienwarp.....

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