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Traditional Animation - GIMP Lightbox

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Animation-Lightbox-Script_1.2.scm57.97 KB

The Lightbox scripts have been created to make animating 'Frame by frame' easier and more intuitive in Gimp.
It does this by trying to emulate animating traditionally.

The scripts helps organise layers into separate sections allowing Frames, Colour and Backgrounds.
These can all be added and organised from the Animate menu which the script adds.

These layers can then be viewed, composited and exported as an moving animation, .gifs or .tif image sequences for editing.

All animations created using the Animate menu will be created at 25 frame per second and works in conjunction with GIMP GAP.

Tutorials on how to use these scripts can be found at

Sample work can be found here
feel free to submit your own work!

;;;Animation-Lightbox-Script.scm -*-scheme*-*-
;;;Author: raggedybenj
;;;Version 1.1

I have created all scripts from scratch however have adapted scripts currently available on GIMP registry. These have been apropriately credited within the scripts.
adapted from - cycle-layer-visibility.scm -*-scheme-*- Author: Edward Hutchins & Randall Sawyer -Version 0.2 (2009)

GIMP Version: 
Scripting Engine: 


Are you planning to update this plugin to Gimp 2.8?
This plugin it's the only reason i still with 2.6...Damn good!! ;)

Here's an example of animation made with these scripts for my film.

Beats animating on paper :)

I just love this plugin...but...there's a way to use it with already made layers?

[EDIT] Never mind, i did figure it out: Just had to rename the layers to "Frame-####" and your plugin will "catch" them, plus, the delay time[(##ms)] is optional but if it's not there it's more likely that it'll "jump" on the playback, so for a more accurate playback...I put it there...
Side Note:

This info can be useful for someone...

Thanks for the script WalkinProgress.

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