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Highpass sharpening

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highpass-sharpening-by-skynet.scm2.4 KB

Highpass sharpening script (this is my first script for Gimp).
This technique is described by Rolf Steinort in episode 164 of the Meet the Gimp! video podcast.
You can run it from: Filters -> SkYNeT -> Enhance -> High Pass Sharpening
Because script makes a new layer from visible, make sure you have visible only layer you wish to sharpen. Other layers must be non visible.

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Quick and easy.
I set the radius to 50 on a 2500x1900 pixel photo and got great results. :)


I like it so much better than Unsharp Mask. It's gentle and kind to the images even cranking it up higher and it does a very nice job.

We have a discussion going on about it here.

Thanks skynet!

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