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Luminance tools

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This script contains a few simple tools related to luminance.

It installs three separate scripts under Filters/Luminance. These are:

Extract - this extracts a layer's luminance to a separate layer, and leaves only the chroma information to the other layer. You can get the original layer back by merging the layers.

Remove - this removes luminance information from a layer, ie. sets the luminance to 50% on the whole layer. Basically it makes the layer into a chroma layer.

Hue/Saturation - this uses the two previous scripts internally to adjust hue or saturation of a layer while keeping the luminance intact. The standard H/S/L tool of GIMP does not preserve luminance, when you adjust hue or saturation with it.

- note that you have to rename the file to .py instead of .py.txt -

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hi dd,

thanks for this great work

Loves from Germany


Very cool plugin dd. Extremely fast too and it will be used (much faster then Luma invert 50% opacity technique that I usually use and I get the Luminance layer itself as an extra). Thanks a heap. :)

Very nice plugin dd, and thanks for sharing it. :)

Nice plugin

Thanks guys.

This is a simple script, and it has some limitations... I wrote about it in gimpchat, here ->

I am planning on improving the script in the future.

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