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Color editing.

I have seen a number of photos from my digital cam that seem to come out with a yellow bias. These are specifically pictures taken in artificial lighting which tends to give out a more yellow light than daylight. It seems my camera either doesn't like the light or somehow enhances it no matter what settings I try.

I have tried to use filters to get the colors of the subject more natural but it has an annoying tendency to make the other colors around it take on a blue hue. No matter how much I try, I can't get all the colors of the picture even close to what they should be.

Is there a filter or plugin that I can use to do this? I need to identify one single hue or even a single color of the picture and alter it without affecting the others. I know I may have to do this several times for different colors/hues but if it has the desired result, it will be worth it.

Before anyone says it, I am currently trying to get a daylight white bulb to take my pictures in so this doesn't happen but they are hard to get in the UK.


or the color select tool both of which can be found in your tool box at the top.
Duplicate the image, and on the duplicate...
Select the area you want to recolor, and while the selection is active (you see marching ants), go to Colors/Colorize and set the values as you need them.Click ok.

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