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JPEG XR plugin

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This is a plugin for GIMP that allows reading and writing of JPEG XR image files. It has been tested on Windows and Ubuntu with GIMP 2.8.4.

Read support

Almost all pixel formats supported by JPEG XR can be loaded. However, non-compatible formats will first be converted to a representation that GIMP understands (this means you'll loose HDR data for example). All RGB pixel formats get converted to 24bpp RGB, all RGBA formats to 32bpp BGRA, and all grayscale formats to 8bpp Gray. Black-white images are imported as indexed images.

Write support

Images are saved in one of the following pixel formats depending on the image mode that is selected in GIMP:

  • 1bpp BlackWhite (if image mode in GIMP is set to Indexed and the color map has exactly two entries black and white)
  • 8bpp Grayscale
  • 24bpp RGB
  • 32bpp RGBA

The following options are available in the save dialog:

  • Image quality
  • Alpha channel quality
  • Advanced settings: Overlap, Chroma subsampling, Tiling (see jxrlib documentation for more information)


Installation instructions for both Windows and other platforms can be found in the source code package. Binaries for Windows are included.

This plugin is also available on Codeplex at

gimp-jxr 2.0 source and binary187.34 KB
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Saving an image to this format will throw an error.


uploaded by

@lylejk: I haven't done much in C(++) before, so I didn't know that the plugin has a dependency on the Visual C++ Redistributable (download here). I'll see if I'll leave it as it is, or statically link the required libraries for the next version.

@E. Sullock Enzlin: I'm not sure if the error you are seeing is related to the Visual C++ Redistributable. First make sure you have installed it and see if the error persists. If not, maybe there are other dependencies I haven't thought of yet. Unfortenuately I don't have a Windows XP installation at hand, so I can't help you testing, but theoretically it should work there.

Still not working

Which version of GIMP are you using? I haven't tested the plugin with other versions than 2.6.11 32bit. Also, when exactly are you seeing the error message? After clicking OK on the JPEG XR quality dialog or immediately after hitting Save on the file save dialog? Does opening a JPEG XR file work (e.g.

You could also try to set English as your date time format language (under Control Panel -> Languages and Region), GIMP should then be localized in English.

I use gimp 2.6.11 32 bit on XPpro SP3 (also 32bit).

I loaded an image and then I choose save as. Choosing jpeg xr as filetype a popup becomes visible where I can choose the quality to save in. After hitting save I get the error message.

Downloaded wmphoto.wdp. Opening this file gives an error: cannot open specified file.

Not tried yet the localization but I doubt that makes any difference.

You need to find a copy of MSVCR100.dll (used as I recall) and then copy that dll to the same location where you placed the GIMP plugin. It works then (at least for my 32-bit version of GIMP). :)

Copied msvcr100.dll to the same location as the plugin, result: not working.

I work with Gimp 2.6.11 on XP pro SP3 (32 bit).

I use gimp 2.6.11 (XP SP3) - still not working (to open and write)
just a suggestion:
Looking at the errors in the messages (weird characters - "bushes") - probably - is the limit (bug?) encoding formats so the question - if only the English version of GIMP -example Lylejek- does it work ?

Use English GIMP 2.6.11 32-bit (in Win7) and, after copying the dll in the same directory that the plugin is, it did indeed work for me. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a viewer plugin for IE8 (I mainly browse inside and XP VM for sandbox purposes; created shares between my VM XP and Win7), but it natively opens up these files in IE9 and at the default 90% quality setting, a PNG with transparent background sample that I tested ended up only half the size as the original true color PNG w/ transparancy target; looked good too. Not bad. Just wish they would except this format as universal already since the web is in desparate need to replace GIFs with more compressed images and PNG files are just too big imo. :)

I have noticed that too but in my language (Dutch) their are no weird characters so that should probably not the cause. But I will have further a look at it and try it also on my virtual XP machine.

Just tried it setting my total system to the English language: not working.

Tried it on my virtual XP (with SP3) and Gimp total in English: not working.

I even tried it with the main directory of Gimp as suggeted by you instead of the user directory: no change.


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