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NEWB: Help w/ script, command line, batch


Can you please help?

Goal: Use Gimp / command line to automatically run 'Eg-InfraredChannelswitch.scm' on about 3,000 images. These will be used to create a time lapse faux color infrared movie.

What I have done:
- downloaded the Eg-InfraredChannelswitch.scm file and put this in the scripts folder then verified that it works when run manually from the Gimp GUI
- read a bunch of websites and watched tutorials, but they all assume a greater knowledge than I have on using the command line and modifying scripts

What I in need of:
- details on exactly how to sun a script from the command line (like Start / Run / CMD...then type in XYZ....)...I am sorry for even asking...I should know how to do this
- any additional details on changing scripts scripts to run on a bunch of images - note I did fine some info on this but I need to be able to run a script once before I can try this...I think


Other info - I have tried and failed on a PC (Win7) and Mac (Snow Leopard)...using Gimp 2.6.

I would say, it is just complication to use GUI application for job like this...

Is it enough to switch channels, or you need also autostrech?

If I were you I would use come command line tools... (and linux :( , but mac would do as well, I think :) )

f.e. this command:

convert input.jpg -separate -swap 0,1 -combine output.jpg

will swap R and G channels in image input.jpg and save it as output.jpg, and it is very easy to make a shell script to process any number of images this way

With auto-level the command would looks like:

convert input.jpg -auto-level -separate -swap 0,1 -combine output.jpg

But I did not tested this one, because my version of imagemagick do not have -auto-level option yet. I tested only first command and it works

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