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Export gradient from svg file to ggr

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This simple program pulls definitions gradients created in a file. Svg Inkscape and converts them into files gimp gradients GGR. You can just drag the icon svg file an application, which will export the gradients to the files in the program folder, or run the application by clicking on it twice, and acting in accordance with the instructions.

If you want to do your own linear gradient, just download and install Inkscape from the website: do in it several objects with different gradients, save the file on disk and use the attached application to export gradients to the ggr file.

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ExportGradientFromSVGToGGR.zip157.52 KB
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Yes, this is source of the problem. Like I see this format is diffrent and I dont know about this version. Inkscape add some specjal sign that I use to recognise individual parts of code. I will try to change the algorithm so that it is able to accept such formatting gradients.

Thanks MalyszKZ. :)


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