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Script for create bug video texture ?

I've not find a script for make bugs like in graphical problems. Like in a computer or numeric tv.
For make abstract geometrical texture pixelised, complex and random.
I've tested with enhance filters and few others, but it's not practical for choose a color or specific bug.

This artist use it with very skill:

Others exemples :

A script like this exists ?
Or if it's no, somebody can create this script please ?

any example of what you mean?

Hm, of course, I have no ide if plugin for this exists in gimp. And I would say there is not a big demand for a plugin like this.
Moreover, I would say that various algorithms were used in those images you provided. I can think of few approaches how to achieve such results.

What tool those authors are using - some photoshop plugins?

For some algorithms a gimp plugin would not be good solution, but all depends on an algorithm you want to implement...

Thanks for your test. But I don't know write a script.

And I found the videos of the author :

For put it in the nuts, in start he paints in grey scale, after he includes abstract zbrush shapes and he corrects the shapes.
For the color he does it like my tests. With default scripts in Colors.

For the 2 first videos i've seen.

But for write a script it's maybe complex, it's maybe more fast like him ?
And I've no ideas for script options, maybe because he has many possibilty and hard to make it all in one script.

Or maybe he has scripts like this for video softwares ? I've seen this already in film or series, but i don't use video softwares.

As I said there might be various aproaches with various results.

As for my script, it is really primitive script, it has about 60 lines including blank lines, comments and checks. All you would need is to play with its "core" part. Of course it would need bit of imagination and logical thinking...

So if you change your mind, I can give you the script. Or to anyone else who might be interesting in it.... :)

Here is another example that I created:

And the script is here, read few lines on the top of file for more info:

another example (two variants of the same technique)

and one more example, bit modified technique:

Your three last tests are too simple. Just one, two or three tricks for make this. And the result is not abstract pattern.
Your previous test is cool with horizontal and verticale lines. Maybe test this and remove original pic for have just lines. And add more tricks.

But I can't download your script. I put my email and accept the terms of service and the privacy terms but the download link is not sent to me. I've test with 2 emails. Can you upload in mediafire or megaupload for example ?
And there the terms of service and the privacy terms are very abusive.

I'm sorry for your troubles with downloading, I will post it somewhere else, but cant do it now, please wait 2-3 days.

I launch the .py like this "python" or "python image.jpg" in current directory, but I've this : "I expect input.jpg in current directory. Not such file. Quitting..."
What is the problem ?

The problem is exactly what the error message says. The script expects file input.jpg in current directory.
Note that the script is very simple and raw, so it does not check for JPGs in current directory, nor parses command line arguments, just flatly expects file input.jpg in current directory.
It is a bit of complication - to rename source image to input.jpg, but my script just presents "core functionality". If you will like it (or its potential) it will be easy to add functionality/polish.

I tried megaupload and mediafire and both returned errors during upload...

I hope this will work:

and without any stupid terms...

I was curious how to do something like this, I made a primitive python script, and here is an example:

posibilities are endles. It is really up to you. F.e. core of the script for this effect looks like this:

(For every single pixel X,Y, change R,G,B values as follows:)

if X>100 and X%40 >=0 and X%40 <=15 and Y%40 >=0 and Y%40 <=30:
R,G,B=sourceImg_loaded[X-90,Y] #get values form pixel X-90,Y

if Y%30 == 0 and Y%30 <= 10 and X%30 >= 0 and Y%30 <= 10 :

if R<80 :

So you can really do what you wish. " Y%30" is modulo, google for it if you dont know what it is.

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