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Random gradient generator

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Simple console program made by me to automatic generate random gradient in ggr format. Someday I wonted to do this tutorial here: and I could not do it because GIMP does not have a generator of random gradients. Because I know how to programing I decided to write a console program that generates a random gradient for me.
The program is described in Polish and English, and the instructions contained therein is hopefully simple enough that anyone will be able to use this program.

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This program does work, you just have to open a dos window and run it.

I was under the impression that by choosing option 2 your gradient would be like this example:

Gradient contains five (5) colors: Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow
My understanding of option 2 is that the gradient would look like this going from left to right: Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, Red.

But it's not.

Take this a critique:
- Let the user choose the language as a choice or better yet determine this through the OS. That will make clearer the choices as they popup.
- And as with any program some documentation and detailed information on the options unless other wise very clear.
- This would be a latter version of your little tool but to give it a GUI so you can see what your getting before having to transfer the file to GIMP and look at it.

I hope you can explain to me exactly I should be looking for.

Thanks much!

No install instructions were included, of the two files what goes where and which (gimp and windows) versions are they for.

I've been able to use it via command line. Using the command prompt just cd to the directory where the exe file is located and run it by typing the file name. I didn't try double clicking the exe file in Windows, but it works that way in Wine, using Ubuntu.

The same applies for the Linux version using ./randomGradient in terminal unless you have a PATH variable set.

I have put the exe and cpp files in a folder on my desktop and via the command promt executed the exe file. but it said not recognised as valid windows file.

Double click the randomGradient.exe file and it "should" open via command line.

Thanks so much, works great on win7 64bit.
Surprise, in the zip. is the code for Linux users.
Thanks once more.

version for Linux compiled by user forum of with nick Ziomioslaw, becouse I dont have Linux on my computer now, but source code is my.

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