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Save function doesn't work

Meerkat/Gimp 2.6

Have a Gearhead mouse and a Wacom Bamboo tablet that work just fine in Gimp until I try to save the work.
I get a strange page. and neither mouse nor tablet will let me select anything. I tried your tutorial for setting up the tablet, but when I go to Input controllers, the devices aren't there, Ubuntu is saying device not available, permission denied.

If I can't save images in the formats I need, Gimp isn't much use. Please help.

I get this instead of Gimp's save dialog

Screenshot.png125.25 KB

What tutorial are you referring to?

Perhaps you should have posted your comments on that thread.

From reading your comments, maybe you should open GIMP from command line and see what the error output is when you reach the point of saving.

it looks like you need to just type the name you want with the extension and select a directory to save it in.Then click ok.
Or at the bottom left you see a select file type - click that and a drop down menu appears and you can select a extension from there also.

It is easier for me to just type it in.Then just save it on the desktop and put it somewhere else later.

But you also said you can not use your mouse.That would be found in Edit/Pref/Input controllers.

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