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CloneLayer Tool - GIMP 2.7.x - Updated!

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Hello all!

I'm web-developer. I use the Gimp for making a web2-widgets or for small parts of design.
Usually, my work requires frequent duplication of layers and their exact placement on the canvas. However, the Gimp does not have a tool to perform batch processing of images (layers). So, I decided to write a small plugin that solves this problem. And I did it! I hope it will useful for you....
But the way, it is my first C plugin for GIMP under GTK framework. So be tolerant to me :)

About plugin:
"CloneLayer Tool" is a C plugin for Gimp 2.7 to automatically duplicate layers and apply to them some transformation and visual effects like - rotate, scale, move, blur and others....
This plugin works like batch processor which helps to make a set of clone layers with transformation on each of them.
Plugin shows the all change in "live mode" - on the gimp canvas (just set needed values and click on the "Clone"). So you can preview results before apply any changes.

Some Examples:

Video Tutorials:
1. "The Gears" -
Part#1 -
Part#2 -
Part#3 -

CloneLayer Tool can be used in following cases:
- to create an intricate pattern from simple geometric shapes. For example, you can create a star from simple curve, or a flower from an oval, or a snowflake from rectangle, etc. ...

- to create multiple copies of image (layer) and place them at a certain distance from each other.

- to create a composite image with a precise geometric arrangement of each of its parts. For example, a gear, a clock face, etc. ...

Once the plugin is installed successfully, the plugin can be found in The GIMP
using the menu "Layer->Clone-Layer Tool...".
It works for full image on the current layer. The selected region is ignored. (It will fixed in further)

The plugin dialog allows to adjust many parameters which sorted by groups:

The General Parameters:

Clone Times - how many clones must be created - from 1 to 1000;

Interpolation - uses for transformation (rotate, resize);

Add clone layers as -
- One layer - it will merge all clones to one layer;
- Grouping clone layers;
- Each clone to layer;

Autocroping layer -
if checked - remove empty borders from the layer;
else - resize layer to image size;

Orders -
- UP - add new clone above previous layer ;
- DOWN - add new clone under previous layer;

Resize (scale) group:
- provides some values to set a fixed and random step to increase/decrease width or height of layer.
Keep aspect - enabled a proportional scaling.
Resize Type - sets direction of resize - to Top/Left corner, etc....

Rotation group:
- provides parameters to set a fixed and random angle to rotate layer on each clone.
Coordinates -
Rotate Center X and Center Y - a rotate points
Get Coordinates - to set Center X and Center Y point by corners - Top/Right; Buttom/Left, ect ...

Move group:
- provides parameters to set a fixed and random step to increase/decrease distance between layers on each clone;
Move Layer From - selects corners between two layers to set a distance for them.

Effects group:
- has a few visual filters (effects) that could be added to layers. There are opacity and blur filters at the moment.
Opacity - you can set fixed or random step to increase/decrease transparency.
Blur - the same, but for the blur.
(new!) Colorize - you can change image hue by fixed or random step.
(new!) Noise Spread - the same like blur, but for the noise spread.
(new!) Drop Shadow - adding shadow under image.
(Note, the shadow area don't calculate on Move-steps!)

(new!) Animate group:
- this feature provide a simple way to manage the GIMP animate layers,
such as mode animation layer and speed layer.
On/Off - enable/disable animation setting.
Animation setting for First/Next and Last layer -
Mode layer - [combine|replace|none]
Speed - speed in ms/ from 0 to 10000.

...each setting will been added to end of layer name.
for ex.: layer_name-clt #1(300ms)(replace)

"CloneLayer Tool" is under development yet! And some features are incomplete!
Please, save your work before apply this plugin, or make duplicate image!
(The plugin doesn't provide undo step! So, for this reason a result of work will added at new layer and original layer will saved too. )

Sorry for my English! But, I hope you understand what I wrote above ;)
If not - sorry again ((

INSTALL from source
For Linux and Unix users
For a system wide installation simply state:

$gimptool-2.0 --install clone-layer-tool.c

A restart of The GIMP is recommended.

For Window users
C:\gimptool-2.0 --install-admin c:\pach_to_plugin_src\clone-layer-tool.c

!!! Note !!!
1. If your GIMP was installed to \Program Files\, you must reinstall it into
folder which non contains a blank space in the name!
i.e.: c:\gimp\ or d:\gimp_2.7\, ...

2. gimptool-2.0 required GTK+ libs and installed MiniGW!
Please install all needed soft and libs on your machine before compile plugin
using gimptool-2.0.

INSTALL from binary
copy Linux binary or Windows executable file to system or user plug-in folder:
for *nux - ~/gimp-2.7/plug-ins
for win* - C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\.gimp-2.7\plug-ins

Archive name - type:
gimp-clt-v0.2b-src.tar - source files to compile using gimptool-2.0. All platforms!
gimp-clt-v0.2b-bin.tar - Linux binary file - Windows executable file - win64 executable file
(thanks to samj - )

GIMP Version: 
Code License: 


in 32 bit too? :)

Thanks sam!

I tried to install the 64-bit plug-in in gimp 2.7.3 portable and it says it can't install because libgimp-2.0-0.dll is missing. I don't have a clue about how to get it.


There is no problem with versions 2.7.3 (64 bit) provided by Partha.
Install the plugin in the directory ...\lib\gimp\2.0\ plug-ins
Start Gimp by gimprun.exe

Using gimp 2.7.3 64-bit, portable.

I put the install file in lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins folder then I started gimp. It still is not appearing in the Layer menu. It did make a folder and and exe file in there but when I click the exe file it says it can't find a dll. I checked and the dll is present in the lib folder.

I can't figure out why it will not work.

I'm just not used to Windows anymore after a few years using Linux. I have a laptop with a partitioned hd with win7 and Linux on it.

What I did wrong was put the unzipped file into the plug-ins folder without opening it. clone-layers.exe was in that folder in the plug-ins folder.

I moved it out of the gimp-cit-0.1-64bits folder and put it in the plug-ins folder and it's working now. I deleted the gimp-cit-0.1-64bits folder from my plug-ins folder. Sorry for all this Windows noob behavior.

I am the same person as zarnad who posted above. I've changed my username and email address.

I am not very knowledgeable about Win7 64-bit so didn't know how to install the file properly. Finally, I copied the exe file into the plug-ins folder in gimp 2.7.3 portable on my flash drive. Then started gimp. The plug-in looks to be installed. The files are in a folder named gimp-clt-0.1-64bits. I've closed and restarted gimp twice but the plug-in does not appear in the Layer menu nor does it show in the right-click menu of the Layers window.

I did not get any error messages when I started gimp.

Looks to be a very cool plugin Remy and your compile works great Samj. :)

Uploaded with

windows binary compiled?

yes, i will compile in future ...

I can not wait to check it out in Windows 32 bit. :)



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