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Dumb newbie question - does GIMP work with vector objects?

Hello group - apologies for newbie dumbness, but I'm trying to work out how to approach doing a first job in GIMP in terms I already understand. Of course this is probably a mistake, but it's the only way I know how to start!

I understand painting programs, where you can draw pixels and process selections with fills and effects, but once you finish working with the current selection/whatever, it effectively becomes a static bitmap on a layer and you can't go back and re-edit eg the line paths or nodes.

I also understand object-based programs (eg Corel Draw) where most of the time you're working with vector objects like shapes, paths, bezier curves etc. These objects retain their nature, and you can select and re-edit them at any point.

I'm struggling to see how I do the second type of work, with persistent vector objects, in GIMP. For example, if I want to create a rectangle, Help says I have to select an area of the canvas and fill it. I can see how to edit the selection at the time I'm creating the object, but once that's done and I've moved on to the next thing, I can't see how to go back and edit the rectangle as a vector object.

If that's a remotely sensible question, I'd appreciate any pointers. If it's a stoopid question, perhaps someone could tell me what I'm missing by asking it?



You'll need Inkscape = the free equivalent to Corel Draw and Illustrator that uses SVG format.

Thankyou Mahvin - pointer much appreciated.

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