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Ebook Plugins

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This is a set of two plug-ins: one creates a new template file, the other combines that template to create a '3D view' of your ebook cover.

These plug-ins require Python! If you have the menu item 'Filters->Python-Fu->Console' then you are ready to install these. If not - search the forums or the web on how to add Python support to your version of GIMP.

The 1.0 versions are functional, but have a lot of room for improvement. For example, the combine plug-in makes use of the 'map to box' plug-in which takes quite some time on my quad-core - if you have older hardware, this step may require coffee ;)

Part 1 - The Template

  • Filters->Ebook->New Ebook Template
  • This creates a new file with 4 layers: Front, Spine, Top and Info:
  1. Front: place artwork here 
  2. Spine: place artwork here
  3. Top: this can be left alone, or adjusted as needed 
  4. Info: this layer is unused - it can be discarded or modified without affecting the final ebook cover 
  • Edit the template as needed, adding your artwork, book title, author, etc. 
  • Save it as XCF (optional - in case you want to make changes later)

Part 2 - The Ebook 

  • With the ebook template open (from Part 1), select 'Filters->;Ebook->Combine Ebook Template' 
  • Be patient ;) 
  • You will get a new image with a 3D ebook cover

I've uploaded both plug-ins here, as well and an example template XCF with generic artwork added and the resulting PNG file. Example files are zipped.


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I am new to installing plugins and was wondering the process for these. I just downloaded 2.8 so I would have python. I have tried several things and nothing seems to work.

I use a Mac with Gimp 2.8.

I downloaded the plugins, installed them in the ApplicationSupport/Gimp/plug-ins folder.

I made sure that plugins are looked for in that folder by setting the correct Preferences.

Yet, the plugin is no where to be found in Filters.

Any help would be appreciated.


Be sure to take off the extra ".txt" file extension. I'm not on a mac, but it's also possible that you need to make the .py files executable as well (chmod 755 []).

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