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Export Layers

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export-layers.scm2.8 KB

A script to save the layers of an image as separate files in a specified directory. Allows the user to specify the structure of the exported filenames (exported file type is determined by extension).

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I used this script and it worked in linux, but not windows. in windows it didnt show up in the menu, in linux it did.
i placed the file in the folder with all the other gimp .scm files and in linux also "# chmod -x /..." then it worked fine.

So, once I download this script which folder do I place it in in order for it to work properly? Using 2.8.4.

This shows up under File>Layers
Then a cryptic window opens. You type, It fails to execute with no explanation.
Would be wonderful if the author showed an example.
Theoretically this is a neat idea, but this script just chokes.

The script seems to fail silently if the filenames for your output images are not valid for your filesystem. I was having the same problem but then I renamed my layers something easy like "1", "2", "3" before doing the export... and it worked!

Can this script be updated to support layer groups in Gimp 2.8? This is the only "export-layers" extension I've found that actually preserves transparency (others I've tried claim to, but don't work).

Where do you find the menu or button to actually do this? I've installed it into my "scripts" folder, but it doesn't seem to show up!

it works on xp thank you

Un script qui peut vite se rendre indispensable.

Super !

So cool, your scm helps me so much

I've been wanting something like this for...EVER!



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