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Report Spam Here

We are doing our best to eliminate spam, you may help by reporting here the links
of any spam you may have noticed
(also offensive, racist or totally out of topic messages may be considered spam)

I think it would be good to provide a list of search links to typical spam keyword. Some of the most prominent I remember: (as in loft rental) (as in "$brand name handbags for less") (as in wedding gowns) (loans of any sort) (popular SEO linking) (fake handbags $somebrand) (scammers take money to write your essay^w^w^wfor nothing)

There have been others, but not that many different ones - the majority of spammers seem to be rather unimaginative and/or fixed to the more lucrative businesses. The idea is that anyone with the required privileges can use these links to check for new spam without too much effort.

I'm going to remove comments with links to spam that has been dealt with (without declaring those comments as spam, of course).

Could we please have an easier way to report spam?
Something like a button for instance.
There are several posts today promoting shoes.

Also I think you need to increase the checks on registering. E.g. insist on a full name which isn't the same as the username.

Also, adding restrictions on the number of comments which can be posted might help, e.g. insist that users can only post 1 or 2 comments per day for every week/month they've been a member. While this won't stop spam, at least it would slow it down.

I don't think normal users should be able to create Forum Topic categories, as was the case with "Timberland Shoes". I've deleted it, but I think the Registry is like an unlocked bathroom and the spam is being splattered even more than ever before.

Thanks for the note, should be gone

yes but remain in the summary at right

Again, I can't seem to find the reason, but blocks are still cached for some minutes. They are gone now, though.

As you can see, there is a plenty of annoying entries in the forum section that I think it is appropriate to get rid of:

These entries are difficult to remove quickly, requiring each forum to be deleted one at a time. Fighting spam has gotten harder to do with the updates. SPAM has appeared to increase since the updates.

Removing spam would be a bit easier if the delete buttons was available to moderators without having to first edit content :)

It is possible to do this from the admin views, but there are cases where reading the post first is necessary.

I read this topic on panorama:

when I click on the link "Related Content: Make gradient from panoramics photographs" (don't click!), it goes to this page:

but my antivirus blocks another page called jump.html
VIRUS?=> "" <=VIRUS?

Does your software tell you what sort of threat it claims to have found?

The correct procedure would be to submit this as a potential false positive to the developers of that anti-virus software package and ask for their assessment.

No, F-Secure detects this site as dangerous but I don't know why.

Everyone please forgive me for possibly posting to the wrong place, but it seems to me that I am no longer in a position to update my plugin Color Grading, descriptions and/or code updates and links due to the new engine rejecting my every try. Though I am not very frequent editor just once every few months... Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

The Anti-Spam system being used is Mollom - and it adjusts to the nature of the spam that is caught; the last ones a few weeks ago were pretty heavy on links, so I assume anything containing links is going to be a problem now.

I've manually adjusted your bonus points to 10 (spam posts deduct those), please try again.

I removed all links, everything worked fine! Thanks a lot! Greatly Appreciated!

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