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Parchment/paper texturiser; Decor > Parchment texture

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A revised version of my first script I wrote in 2009 during a boring weekend, this script takes an image as input, duplicates and flattens it, and then applies several plugin and script-fu effects on a dozen different layers to create a paper or parchment-like effect on the cheap, with the final output an image with layers and some layer masks. An optimal input image is a 1000x1000 square image (maybe I'll update the script to fix that "square" part; the problem is a round blend, but it's not that hard to fix after-wards), but it scales more or less. The script is very time consuming, especially with larger images, and if you've toggled to use a layer with the Lava script-fu effect.

Not very good for photos or photorealistic stuff; looks best with an input of large areas of uniform color and text on a white background.

If anyone hits on any bugs, sending an e-mail to would be appreciated.

Yes, the code is ugly. I am not a programmer.

Attached is an example image with a transition from Before to After.

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I love your script. I used it in a tutorial at Gimp Chat and linked to your script.

Thanks for showing it to me. It looks rather nice. :D

It's very nice. One of the things I would like for it to do if it's possible is to preserve the original image so if I want to play with a little I can.

Nice job! I haven't had any errors show up.

The second layer in the image is a copy of the original at 70% opacity. The other two are a blurred layer (third layer from bottom, 40%), and a cartooned layer (bottom layer, 100%).

I wanted it to save the original image with its original transparent background.

Oops! Never mind. I still have the original image I started with after the script runs. That will work.

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