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Batch Processing Scanned images

Ey all,

Just started with GIMP, and I'm trying to find a script or a way to make a script to do the following.

-Crop the Scan into Multiple images.
-by either Staggering the images or leaving a space between them

-Resize to Specific dimensions
-I Found DBP and I'll be checking that out for this but I'd prefer an all-in-one.

-Rename the files and save them to a specific directory.

Thank you for any help.


Try this script:

I will not resize, you'll have to do that as a separate step.

-Rob A>

I think that this is almost EXACTLY what I am looking for. I'm Digitizing my Stamp Collection and there's software out there that does it but they want like $150 for it. But Yea this is perfect, and now that I think about it the Resizing shouldn't be needed.

Thank you again. I'll be checking it out over the next couple days.


i installed both these files (exe in plug-ins dir and scm in scripts dir) and then i right click on the image, go to filters -> batch tools -> batch divide scanned images. It seems to do something showing me a status bar going from left to right but doesn't output anything into my output directory. Any other steps I need to perform?


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