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Expired Polaroid 600 Print Emulation

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So, I've been playing a bit more lately with emulating the effects produced when shooting on some 5 year old Polaroid 600 instant film. I took some shots the other day with it, and it produced these really neat areas of the film where no developer had reached, leaving this strange and interesting splotches of un-developed print behind.

I thought it might be fun to emulate in GIMP, and even better to reproduce the effects with a little script-fu (for practice).

So, here it is:

I was going to add parameters that you can change, but no. You don't get that choice with real Polaroid 600 film, and you won't here either.

This script will:
1. Apply color toning to match the expired film I had, including a strange strip in the middle where there was an excess(?) of developer (slightly different tone).
2. Apply un-developed corners to the tops of your image randomly.
3. Change every time you run it (even on the same image - so don't like what you see? Give it another whirl!)

This operates on the current selection if there is one, or entire image otherwise (no cropping - that's up to you - or to try out my Polaroid 600 border generator when I release it later this week).

When installed, you will find it under Colors → Polaroid 600 Expired...

I have a more detailed blog post coming soon on how I got here, and whats coming with the border script as well:

A quick preview of the border script as well:


I've finally gotten around to posting the border script as well. It can be found here:
Polaroid Border Script

With more examples of it on my blog: - Getting Around in GIMP


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