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Data-Driven Enhancement of Facial Attractiveness

I would like to know if anybody is working on a GIMP plugin based on the following paper from 2008:

As described in the New York Times, the algorithm "determines, for each individual face, the most attractive set of distances and then choose the ideal closest to the original face."

Thanks in advance!

Until someone someone much smarter than me codes an implementation of the Face Beautification algorithm as a GIMP plugin, I have used the following workaround. It's not nearly as elegant, but it'll do in a pinch.

1) Import the "Perfect Face Template" as a layer. Make it transparent and delete the white areas. Resize it and place it over the face in the photo you want to edit.
2) Use iwarp to move your photo's facial features around so they line up with the guides on template.

Problem: When you're using iwarp on the face layer the template layer is not viewable, so it takes a fair bit of trial-and error. Anybody know of a way to keep a top layer viewable while you edit a lower layer?

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