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Active Path Stroke

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v--ActivePathStrokeDelete.scm2.1 KB

Strokes the current active path with the currently selected brush.

How to test:
* Create a new image.
* Draw with the path tool
* Go to Filters -> Vanca -> ActivePathStrokeDelete

It is recommended that you set a shortcut to this script.

-- NOTES and Limitations --

* The script can not scale the brush
(actually, a problem with Gimp, since it does not - for the moment -
allow scripts to access the brush scaling)

* The path is deleted afterwards
(the purpose of the script is to provide a quick stroke)

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GIMP can already stroke a path. It retains brush scaling too. :)

That's true.

However, you would have to go through a window.
Also, the path will not be deleted afterwards.

The script was originally made for stroking
anime/manga character outlines (i.e. to have a smooth line).
Therefore, instead of drawing with the paint tool,
you create a path, stroke and delete it with just ONE shortcut.

(can be handy for animations as well)

An example of where the script was used:

Stroking path doesn't delete your path. Not sure why you think so. I use GIMP 2.6.11; not sure what version you have, but I don't recall a path ever getting deleted if you stroke a path. Just for clarification, I'm including a snapshot. :)

Uploaded with

Stroking path doesn't delete your path. Not sure why you think so.

I think vanca's point is that the script version does delete the path. There is nothing wrong with using a script to effect minor changes to otherwise identical commands (for example, I have a script which performs a luminence desaturation just so I don't have to deal with the dialog popping up).

Ah; misread his statement Saul; he wanted the path to be deleted afterwards. I do have a tendency to do this. Still, not have scaleable brushes would be a bummer to me. Not sure why that feature (the ability to accept the scale of the brush) wasn't implemented when running Script-fu. :)

my problem with the script is it never paints the stroke. :)
I found the filter in Filters/Vanica created a new transparent layer - created a 7 point path - ran the script using a small solid round brush - the path went bye bye but nothing ever got stroked.
Maybe i am doing something wrong?

It works differently from the Choose Stroke Style.
As for me
- for GIMP 2.6, this works only on the layer is not transparent;
- for Gimp 2.7 is also in a transparent layer.
Before using the v - ActivePathStrokeDelete can use the brush-transform.scm
( )

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