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batch-scale-level-sharpen.scm2.93 KB

This Script-Fu Script goes through all picture files in a directory and make 4 common operations on them;
- Scales to a ratio defined in the script startup
- Levels Use Auto Level on the picture (if the user selects this)
- Sharpen Uee 40 % sharping (if the user selects this)
- Sharpen with unsharp mask (if the user selects this)
- Creates and store away a copy of the file with an added (user defined) suffix)

Known improvement I would like to do ::

I would like to after the unsharp mask plug-in has been run I would like to do a " Tone out Unsharp mask using Value" ; this can be done when using GIMP manually but I couldn't find that feature to be reached from script

Also I don't understand why I cant use another command in the script, but that is not too important

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