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GiMP with Encore CS$

So far very impressed by this program, However I would like to know is there a way to chance the pixel size itself. What I mean is, I work in video and want to use GiMP with my video editing and DVD authoring programs. I want to create a menu for Encore in 720x480, yet need it inthe 16:9 dimension. When I save the PSD and open it up in Encore it is in the 4:3 dimension. I believe I've read, that it wont' be til 2.8 dealing with the stacking layers, which Encore does for menu buttons and images and so on, so I can work around that. But how would I make a 720x480 pixel image and yet it retains the video 16:9 standard? I can start a menu in Adobe Encore and then save it as PSD, which it will be in 720x480 pixels, yet I'm wanting the 16:9 format(pixel shape).

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