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GAT Tools (handling multiple guides)

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GAT stands for GIMP-Atelier. We are present a set of tools to handle guides.

With this package you could create multiple guides in one step, could use predefined guide sets e.g. Golden Ratio or Third Rule, save to and load from File your own sets.

This is a multi language application. In case you are missing your language, please copy file locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/gat_tools.pot to locale/xx/LC_MESSAGES/gat_tools.pot Replace xx by country code of your language. Create a new catalogue from gat_tools.pot by using poedit. Send .mo and .po files to developer at gimp-atelier dot org. See (4.1 - Creating Multilingual Python Sripts (english) ) too.

Download File:
Installation: unzip this file including all files and subfolders into your plug-in folder. If a scriptfile is installed too, please scratch it first!


GAT steht für GIMP-Atelier. Hiermit präsentieren wir dir ein Werkzeug welches es möglich macht mehrere magnetische Hilfslinien in einem Arbeitsgang zu erstellen, löschen, in Datei zu speichern und zu laden. Du kannst auch vordefinierte Sets wie Goldener Schnitt oder Drittelregel anwenden.

Dieses ist eins mehrsprachiges Programm. Falls eine Sprache vermisst wird, so kopiere die Datei locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/gat_tools.pot nach locale/xx/LC_MESSAGES/gat_tools.pot Ersetze xx durch den Länderkürzel deiner Sprache. Erzeuge mit poedit einen neuen Katalog aus der Datei gat_tools.pot und sende die .mo und .po Dateien an developer at gimp-atelier dot org. Siehe auch (4.1 Mehrsprachige Python Skripte erstellen)

download Datei:
Installation: entpacke die Datei mit allen Dateien und Unterordnern in das GIMP plug-in Verzeichnis. Ist bereits installiert, bitte zuerst dieses Skript löschen!

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Thank you for such a great and useful plugin. I have only one request for a future release: The ability to position a guide relative to another guide.

For example, After placing cross guides in the center of the image, I would like to set a new guide at 350 pixels (or -350 pixels) exactly from the center guide.

Or perhaps set a new guide 25% (-25% to set it on the left side) relative to a vertical guide.

Thank you.

Looks very nice, thank you!


1. Default placement menu items is inconsistent with GIMP. There already is submenu for dealing with guides in GIMP. I had to reposition it manually so that I wouldn't go to two places for essentially same thing. I realize, however, that you probably want branding.

2. Menu items never show up as translated, they are always in English.

3. Dialog's caption has some weird text instead of the dialog's name, e.g. "python-fu-GimpAtelier_tools_004DE" instead of, presumably, "Gimp Atelier Tools: Guide Sets"

4. The original messages have typos:

- "possibel"
- "horziontal"
- "safe guides"

Translation is on the way.

2. Menu items never show up as translated, they are always in English.

Delete the file pluginrc.
Restart GIMP

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