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Image repeater

Does anybody know about a script or other way to see an image repeatedly (tiled) on GIMP main window?

I don't want to create a new bigger tiled image, I want to visualize it like that, connecting its borders, so when I paint crossing the image bounds, the strokes continue painting the other/opposite side.

This is obviously useful when working with UV mapping.

Wrapping a canvas has been requested many times phoinx. It's in the que, but I wouldn't hole your breath if I was you. You're best bet for creating sealess textures is to paint around the center then do a canvas offset of x/2 and y/2 to fill in the edges (do this often enough). There are programs such as rendara ( that can wrap a brush, but it's a clunky proposition at best.

Oh, thanks, lylejk!
Well, I think I'll join the team of "waiters" (waiting people) then...

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