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Advanced Unsharp Mask

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Sharpening tool, uses blurred mask. Sharpness is modified with few sliders that work like a kind of equalizer. User can control blurring parameters (radius and treshold for selective blur mask). It provides 4 types of output: Sharpenned image, mask, split/comparision mode and mask-to-img differences.
Brightness of image can be affected by levels-like tool that works indirectly - via the mask.
See attached screenshot for more info.

Plugin is multithreaded.

Downloads (source code with instructions for linux) and few sample images

Any comments and feature requests welcomed.

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Still crashes with alpha channel (transparancies) at least with the 32-bit plugin. Will try the 64-bit version later, but my gut tells me that one will have issues too. :)


64-bit crashes with alpha Channel too. :)

You are right, I must say I did not tested this feature, because this was quite simple change - I believed. Right now I checked the code once more and implementation of this feature is little bit more complex.

Anyway there are more issues with 0.6.5, so in few days I will prepare new (still development) version. I will make sure, alpha channel will work there.

And thank you for feedback

Still, I do like this plugin and can see some benifit using it for cutting through fog. Thankyou for the plugin and thanks to samj for compiling it for Windows (since I have no knowhow on how to do that). :)

is available on google code, alpha channel works, I tested it.
Perhaps samj or anybody will compile it for you and everybody.

If it work without issues, I will make "stable" version 0.7 and take some break - It seems there are no other feature requests in this regard (except the LAB, of course)

is available on google code. this release is for testing only, once I will be sure it works properly (please report bugs and issues) I will release "stable" version.
what is new (I mention also previous version):

0.6.5 - support for HSV and HSL colorspaces - value and luminosity is used as mask channel (what other colorspaces may I add?)
- support for alpha channel
- when calculating preview, it considers also near area around what is visible in preview window
0.6.4 - resizeable preview (increase window of plugin, preview will adjust)


Quote :" 0.6.5 - support for HSV and HSL colorspaces - value and luminosity is used as mask channel (what other colorspaces may I add?)"

The new preview is quite handy, thank for the update

for conversion between colorspaces I used interanal gimp calls -, and LAB is not mentioned there. So at least with LAB I will need formulas.....

you are right it is not mentioned in

strange i believed Lab supported by Gimp , as this may lead to think

But sorry i could not help with a pointer or a link , as did Saulgoode for the other modes

Very interesting, got some good results!

Two remarks, one question.
1. The plugin doesn't like alpha channels ;)
2. The minimum radius of 6 seems rather big; using the standard USM often r<1.0 is enough (I suppose both radii are comparable)
3. I don't understand the logic or mechanism behind the sharpness equalizer; what do the different sliders stand for?

P.S.: And thanks for the binaries!


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