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Advanced Unsharp Mask

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Sharpening tool, uses blurred mask. Sharpness is modified with few sliders that work like a kind of equalizer. User can control blurring parameters (radius and treshold for selective blur mask). It provides 4 types of output: Sharpenned image, mask, split/comparision mode and mask-to-img differences.
Brightness of image can be affected by levels-like tool that works indirectly - via the mask.
See attached screenshot for more info.

Plugin is multithreaded.

Downloads (source code with instructions for linux) and few sample images

Any comments and feature requests welcomed.

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you must explain in what way it should be "flexible"...
To switch between "normal" and "splitted" modes? Or do you have any other idea?

In case of aumask, two preview modes were primary: normal and mask. And mask mode was necessary for me because I needed to check how blurring algorithm works. But is is usefull also for users, of course.

Splitted mode was only afterthough, in fact I was inspired by other plugin (gmic was it?).

With "flexible" I mean a preview that increases simultaneously with the plugin window (at present preview size is fixed). Split mode (as in Gmic) would be nice, too, but for the purpose of the saturation equalizer I think a big pic is more important. Just my 2ct.

But currently, the preview is expandable. Latest development version is 0.6.7 (available on google code) and there it works. And it has been working for few versions by now.
Of course, latest "stable" version is 0.6.3 (and it is latest version published here) and it is 6 weeks old and maybe it did not worked in this one.
Never mind, I want to release another "stable" version in few days...

Okay, currently using 0.63, so I'm looking forward for 0.67. And thanks again for your work!

Thank you, samj. Can you explain me what I'm missing for compiling versions over 0.7?
Does your link mean I should update my sources?
[Edited] I did not read your other posts. But can you give me some more explanations?


Explanations in french available at :

samj & Francois_C

I'm glad you managed to compile aumask for windows. Personally I don't care about windows, but obviously most users are using it, so I would be sorry if aumask did not have windows version.

BTW, what is the second link for? Is it a dependency of aumask?



The link is used to indicate the source of some libraries for Gimp Painter 32bits Windows.
These libraries are in the archive for those who use Gimp Painter 2.6.11 32bits Windows.

Thank you; great plugin. I added a Windows installer for a v0.7 binary I compiled on this page:
But I am no longer able to compile versions >0.7 because of multithreading. Does someone know a fix for this issue?


I reinstall the older versions of Mingw / MSYS and do some testing.

For 64-bit (mingw-64) there is no problem with aumask 0.8

I will test mingw-32 version.


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